Open Letter to Hatzolah: Missing Person Yesterday

Dear Members of Hatzolah of LA:

Yesterday’s search was an example of how our organizations came together and put the community first. I was there representing Chaverim and we had a few Chaverim volunteers helping out since the morning. Chaverim received an out-pour of support from the community requesting to help; we had many people at our disposal. A Chaverim resource was used to secure trained men on horses. We also had volunteers with ATV’s on standby. As it turned out, the authorities did not want more volunteers as it was getting dark…

Chaverim and Hatzolah have a different and non-conflicting mission statement. Specifically, with regards to a missing person search, Chaverim’s mission remains the same: To assist the authorities, which includes Hatzolah.

It was a pleasure working with you and we hope that we can continue a good relationship in the future, with one ultimate goal in mind: to help the community.

Best Regards,
Arye Friedman and Chaim Adelman

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