Simultaneous Calls on Thanksgiving Morning


Chaverim was called early Thanksgiving morning to assist a community member with a jump start. At the same time a woman walking two kids in a stroller got a flat tire. (The tire was completely flat.) After finishing with the boost, Chaverim inflated the tire and the woman was on her way.

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FBI releases 2010 Hate Crime Statistics


Religious bias

In 2010, 1,322 reported hate crime incidents occurred due to a religious bias. Of these:

26.6 percent happened in or near residences or homes. 15.7 percent occurred in churches, synagogues, or temples. 12.7 percent transpired at schools or colleges. 8.2 percent took place on highways, roads, alleys, or streets. 3.4 percent occurred in parking lots or garages. 12.0 percent occurred in the remaining specified location categories or in multiple locations. 21.4 percent took place in other or unknown locations.

More from source:

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Brooklyn Chaverim Appreciation Melava Malka


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A Must See: Short Documentary on the Danger of Texting and Driving


Warning: The embedded video contains graphic and emotional material. Also, the video is hosted by YouTube.

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Bicycle Safety and Standard Time: “Fall Back” an Hour this Coming Saturday (Nov. 5)


As you know, Daylight Saving Time will end and Standard Time will revert this coming Saturday night (at 2AM).

One of several safety tips that must be taken into consideration is bicycle safety. Many children ride their bikes to school or take evening bike rides with the family. Next week when school’s out it will already be dark.

A whopping eighteen percent (18%) of bicycle accidents are related to the non-use of bicycle lights.

Please make sure you and your children have a front mounted bike light as well as a rear mounted reflector. Not only is it required by law, but it is a life saving piece of equipment. Big 5 sporting goods has a combo pack (front and rear) for $20.

There are many local store that carry effective and fairly inexpensive lights.

Don’t wait!


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Items Needed!


Hand-Held radios to efficiently handle Missing Person Searches. Fund our fleet of radios for $750.


Portable Generators / Lighting – $500 per unit

There are many donation opportunities starting at a few dollars. Please see the entitre list here:

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President Obama visits Los Angeles – Plan Ahead – Traffic Jams Expected in Hancock Park!


Beware of President Obama’s visit and plan accordingly. See a live blog of the traffic being affected here:

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Chaverim Successfully Finds Missing Person


LOS ANGELES, CA – October 23, 2011 - On Sunday afternoon, Chaverim of LA was requested to search for a missing individual. As soon as Chaverim units arrived, a quick assessment of the situation was made. One of the first arriving Chaverim units was fluent in the Farsi language, which turned out to be an indispensable resource, since the reporting party was only able to communicate in Farsi.

The interview quickly determined that this was a “critical missing” situation. The subject was elderly and had a history of diabetes (and who was currently on diabetes medicine).
LAPD was immediately dispatched and arrived on scene a few minutes later. Due to the sharp eyes of one of the Chaverim units assigned to the search, the individual was found wandering aimlessly on Pico Boulevard. Much thanks is owed to the LAPD for their quick response and professionalism.

Congratulations to Unit 34 with the sharp eyes, spotting the missing subject. Also much thanks to Unit 31 for providing the much needed translation.

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OU Issues Safety Warning as Sukkos Approaches



As in the case of Shabbat and the Festivals when candles are lit, Sukkot calls for special attention to fire safety. On Sukkot, not only are candles lit in the Sukkah, electric lights and heaters may also be used under the proper halachic conditions. Based on guidelines from the Teaneck, NJ fire department, in consultation with FDNY and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the Orthodox Union has issued the following safety warnings for use in the Sukkah, as well as more general warnings for each time candles are lit. The guidelines are as follows:

• Candles:

More than 33 percent of candle fires occur when candles are left unattended. Half of the people killed by candle fires in the home are younger than 20 years of age, with most of the victims between the ages of five and nine. Burns and fires are the leading cause of death in the home for children and young adults.

Holiday time means candles, matches and fire. When burning candles, make your home safer by:

o Using sturdy candleholders, with flame-protective non-combustible (glass or metal) shades or globes;

o Placing candles at least four feet away from curtains, draperies, blinds, kitchen cabinets and bedding;

o Placing candles out of reach of small children and pets;

o Never leaving burning candles unattended;

o Securing hair and clothing, such as sleeves or aprons, from the flame when handling candles;

o Keeping candles, matches and lighters, including lit memorial containers out of reach of children;

o When lighting multiple Sabbath candles, families need to be aware of the high amount of heat the candles generate. Create a safe place in the house where multiple candles can be lit;

• Items in the Sukkah:

o Extension cords should be new and specifically designed to be used outdoors. Do not overload the wall circuit or the extension cord. Tape cords down so that no one trips over them;

o Heaters — be cautious about using them. Children and animals can tip them over easily;

o Electric lights — do not place high wattage lights next to shach or anything else flammable;

o Be careful about bringing hot food and beverages into and out of the Sukkah. It is easy to trip and be scalded.



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Stay Safe in the Rain! Drive Safe.


With the first rain storm coming to Southern California this season, remember to drive safe!

In the event you are in an accident:

Stay calm.

Keeping a normal demeanor helps you stay in control of the situation.

Make sure you and your passengers are OK.

Move as far off the roadway as possible, but stay at the scene of the accident. Warn oncoming traffic by activating your hazard warning lights and/or setting flares.

Call the police.

Call 911 or the appropriate emergency number to report the accident.

Even if you are not hurt a hazard may exist! If your car is stranded and you need immediate assistance, Call Chaverim: 323-903-7613.

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