Chaverim Successfully Finds Missing Person

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 23, 2011 - On Sunday afternoon, Chaverim of LA was requested to search for a missing individual. As soon as Chaverim units arrived, a quick assessment of the situation was made. One of the first arriving Chaverim units was fluent in the Farsi language, which turned out to be an indispensable resource, since the reporting party was only able to communicate in Farsi.

The interview quickly determined that this was a “critical missing” situation. The subject was elderly and had a history of diabetes (and who was currently on diabetes medicine).
LAPD was immediately dispatched and arrived on scene a few minutes later. Due to the sharp eyes of one of the Chaverim units assigned to the search, the individual was found wandering aimlessly on Pico Boulevard. Much thanks is owed to the LAPD for their quick response and professionalism.

Congratulations to Unit 34 with the sharp eyes, spotting the missing subject. Also much thanks to Unit 31 for providing the much needed translation.

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