Chaverim One Year Anniversary!

Chaverim went live on September 1, 2011. In just one year we’ve accomplished so much!

We responded to over 770 calls in total:

  • Over 350 Jump-Start calls!
  • Over 130 Auto Lockouts!
  • Over 40 Gas Outages!
  • Over 120 Tire Flats!
  • Over 65 Home Lockouts!
  • 5 Missing Person Searches!
  • Over 50 Miscellaneous Calls!

Some calls have been “emergency” status and some “urgent”, while others we helped when there was no time element. Ranging from a baby locked in a car, or a mother whose car stalled when taking her child to the emergency room. From a businessman who needed to make a critical business meeting, to a family that had to catch a flight. A doctor on the way to a patient, or a child running late to school.

Chaverim has helped you within minutes which otherwise would have resulted in a miserable day.

What about the caller that had a flooded house? It’s not auto related but our guys got together, laid out tarp, and temporarily stopped the flood by climbing onto your roof in the pouring rain. We stuck around to ensure the water was pumped out and that fans were blowing to make sure no mold built up. If you were in trouble and weren’t sure who to call, you found our number and we figured a way out.

We mobilized over a dozen volunteers on several occasions to assist in missing persons.

We started with simple booster cables, and now, thanks to your generous donations, have the most advanced auto-starter devices to ensure you are on your way as quickly as possible.

With our active posting on Facebook and Twitter we try to update you with the most late-breaking and community specific news that may affect you.

We would like to thank all of our dedicated members for making Chaverim a huge success.

Thank you to the community for your generous donations to help Chaverim and the community at large!

Chaverim is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax deductible corporation.


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