2ND SUCCESSFUL SEARCH IN 3 DAYS: Chaverim and Hatzolah Search and Locate “Critical Missing”

Chaverim was called at about 6:15 Tuesday evening. The caller stated that his family member was in immediate danger. She had gone unconscious either during a phone call or shortly thereafter. Details were given, however, due to the sensitive nature of the call, we can not share detailed information. The family member was unable to locate the subject. The police were called and they were able to “ping” a cell phone location to within 800 meters, (approximately 1/2 a mile radius). It was too large of an area for the police to investigate. Chaverim was in immediate contact with Hatzolah.
Hatzolah is and was the primary community agency that coordinates searches.

Chaverim and Hatzolah setup a joint command. LA County Sheriff insiders were called and volunteers from Chaverim’s “Missing Person Search Group” were called up. Hatzolah brought their Mobile Command Center RV as well as their disaster Supply Truck which was used to generate light at the “command post”. Over two dozen Hatzolah and Chaverim members/volunteers began searching assigned grids. At approximately 11pm, the subject’s car was located. The unified command immediately notified the police. They responded within a few minutes. The local Fire Department arrived as well. Shortly thereafter the subject was found nearby. She was alive but in serious condition. (When the name is released for tehillim purposes it will be posted).

This is the second “critical missing” call wherein Chaverim and Hatzolah teamed up to serve our community. With G-d’s help we were able to successfully locate the subjects in both incidents.



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